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I’m in the midst of tapering off the dilaudid I’ve been on for over three weeks now and it is uncomfortable. Or today has been, when I stepped down again. I’m just drinking lots of water and trying to ride … Continue reading

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This is a human

I’ve been home for a few days now, resting mostly. My energy isn’t quite what it should be but I’m trying to be sensible and not push myself beyond what I’m able to do. I don’t want to make things … Continue reading

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Narrative therapy

I saw my therapist today. I used to joke about wanting to have a therapist so I could be one of those people that could say My therapist says…and now I am one of those people and it is every … Continue reading

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The ethics of sparing feelings

Has Chuck Klosterman ever met a sick person? His answer to a woman’s question — Should I wait until my sick boyfriend gets better before I break up with him? — was so completely off the mark it made me … Continue reading

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