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Would I ever do this again?

The conference part of my trip is over. It’s kind of intense to be surrounded by the topic of cancer for four days, not necessarily in a depressing way, it’s just kind of consuming. And as much as having cancer … Continue reading

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Here I am, in Vegas

The first day of the conference is over. I met Nick at the bar, he waiting for a double Jack with a splash of Diet Coke (to avoid looking like an alcoholic) me drinking a screwdriver but later switching to Jack … Continue reading

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Sublimation and distraction

I cried in front of my psychiatrist last week. I feel like I’ve reached the end of something, that things are finally calming down even though I know there hasn’t been enough time to say that, but I just feel like … Continue reading

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Where all the things are at

I just took my last antibiotic. This hopefully marks the end of such things for a long, long time. It’s strange to think that some of the things I thought were side effects of treatment — namely, fatigue and high … Continue reading

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